Crispy Hähnchen schnitzel made easy

Sometimes you just have to go new paths and something New. Changes in the Large and in the Small, sometimes with a little more courage and times with less. O. k. I admit it, somehow that sounds like a cunning wisdom from a calendar or a spell from a motivation guru. But still some truth is in it.

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This can be all possible. Of the new hairstyle, up to a change of job. Strangely enough, people don't, it falls to us to leave but not so easy familiar paths. Because it costs the brain have a lot of energy of good behavior and to solve habits and try new things. That is to say the brain is like a convenient and preferred to leave everything as it is. The crispy chicken cutlet is a case in point.

Knusprige Hähnchenschnitzel ganz einfach gemacht -


With my new Schnitzel recipe I've tricked my brain but full gun, because I had to try a great desire to do something new and something completely different, well almost 😉 . And although I understand that the scavenger is actually no fun, and proven set! Why? Because think of it since I have my absolute favorite food. Prefer classically breaded with tasty bread crumbs or breadcrumbs, homemade or from the bakery. Floating out of butter baked in plenty of.

Schnitzel mit Cornflakes Panade -


For the crispy chicken cutlets recipe I use for the breading of Cornflakes instead of bread crumbs. This is my personal discovery, so a delicious, krosses Schnitzels I've plastered on never. The Cornflakes make it, in fact, just crunchy to burn in the pan. There are, of course, the unsweetened, you get to buy, Yes now even in the drugstore market, but also the sweetened. I'm personally not a declared sugar-enemy and find the light Sweetness has what.

Knusprige Hähnchenschnitzel ganz einfach gemacht -

However, it must be used for the chips, too much butter lard or Oil, to roast you in it swimming. And if crispy chicken cutlets left over, they taste sensational on a schnitzel sandwich. Spread with Butter, Lettuce and sauce of your choice or not. For the office or school, whatever. Simply delicious.

Another beautiful Schnitzel recipe at the I time, leaving the usual paths have is my breaded cutlets out of the oven.


Schnitzel mit Cornflakes Panade-

Crispy chicken schnitzel made easy

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TOTAL TIME35 minutes
SERVINGS4 people


  • 500 g chicken breast fillet - horizontally sliced
  • 2 eggs - size no matter
  • 150 g of corn flakes - unsweetened or sweetened
  • 50 g flour - Type, no matter
  • Butter, lard or vegetable oil (e.g. rapeseed oil) - in the pan, about 1/2 cm high
  • Salt and pepper


  • You take the chicken breast fillet, cut it horizontally into slices, so that they CA. 1 cm thick , and it is seasoned well with salt and pepper to taste.
    NOTE: You will of course not equally sized cutlets from the chicken breast can win. But different sizes are not worth talking about. Only because of the roast I would recommend to try the thickness to some extent even to get.
    Crispy Hähnchen schnitzel made easy
  • The Cornflakes give it to You in a freezer bag and knock it with a rolling pin to about "medium-coarse" small.
    TIP: I got the chicken schnitzel with sweet corn flakes prepared, since I have no other had. The slight Sweetness I found the taste very exciting.
    Crispy Hähnchen schnitzel made easy
  • Now You can build up Your Breading street: First flour, then verquirltes Egg , and as the third cereal crumbs and stir therein successively the chicken cutlets.
    Crispy Hähnchen schnitzel made easy
  • Afterwards heated You the butter, lard or vegetable oil in a large frying pan and bake both sides of the chicken cutlets in a total of 5-8 minutes in medium heat until Golden brown. Always give as much butter lard or vegetable oil in the pan, that it is approximately between 0.5 cm and 1 cm high, for the chicken cutlets to swim can.
    TIP: If You get the Schnitzel from the pan holst, You you directly to a kitchen paper-lined plate to drain.
    Crispy Hähnchen schnitzel made easy
  • I wish You a good appetite.
    Crispy Hähnchen schnitzel made easy


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
Crispy Hähnchen schnitzel made easy